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"Greetings, Jedi. I am Master Arca Jeth, on the world Arkania. This was once the home of great Sith knowledge, and I came here with my students to prepare for the possibility that the Sith might return. Though we have done our best the darkness remains. Once it has touched something or someone, darkness grabs hold and never dies, although it can be subdued. This is what I have done here. And confident in its subjugation, some of my people have come to settle. As long as the light outweighs the darkness, life will prosper. Seek balance, Jedi. Only in this will you avert tragedy, and only in this will you truly succeed."
―Excerpt from Arca Jeth's holocron[src]

The Arca Jeth's holocron, was a repository of information created by the venerable Neti Jedi Master and historian Ood Bnar. Passed down through thousands of generations of Jedi, the holocron eventually came into the possession of Arca Jeth, who loaned it to his friend and fellow Master, the Tchuukthai Master Thon. It was lost on Arkania, Master Arca's homeworld, and was not recovered until well into the New Republic era, when it was discovered on an archeological dig. The holocron was given to Jedi historian Tionne Solusar on behalf of the New Jedi Order.

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"The Tedryn Holocron is the one that Vodo is in possession of in Tales of the Jedi, and he's one of the gatekeepers of it. One of the gatekeepers of the Jedi Holocron is Bodo Baas. Ood Bnar is another gatekeeper of that same Jedi Holocron."
Bob Cooper paraphrasing Kevin J. Anderson[src]



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