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"We're not marauders. We're allies."
―Enfys Nest[src]

Enfys Nest was a female human who led the Cloud-Riders, a band of pirates and rebels during the reign of the Galactic Empire.[1] She was extremely dangerous and quickly forged a reputation as an infamous marauder.[3]


Tricking BeckettEdit

"If you died trying to recover the blank I.D. chips, then I'd have gotten rid of some competition, but if you succeeded—even better."
―Enfys Nest, to Tobias Beckett[src]
Enfys and Beckett

Enfys Nest confronting Tobias Beckett

In need of some blank identichips, Nest decided to trick her rival Tobias Beckett into acquiring some for her. Nest sent a transmission to Beckett and his crew, posing as Dryden Vos of the Crimson Dawn. Believing Vos wanted them to steal blank identichips, Beckett and his crew stole a package of identichips from Dvorad on Hovun IV.[4]

Beckett's gang took their cargo to the space station Munt Ontdal on the Rampart. However, when they arrived, they discovered that it had been a setup when Nest and her Cloud-Riders confronted them, managing to take them prisoner. Beckett tried to intimidate them with the threat of Dryden Vos showing up, but Val had deduced that Nest had been the one to send them on their mission. Nest threatened Beckett with a blaster, asking him where the identichips had been hidden. To prevent Nest from getting the cargo, Beckett destroyed the Rampart, escaping with his crew during the explosion.[4]

Train heist on VandorEdit

Having been a thorn in the side of Tobias Beckett and Crimson Dawn for an extended period of time, the possibility of Nest and the Cloud-Riders interfering with Beckett's heist on Vandor was brought up by Val, whose advice fell on deaf ears; Beckett had been assured that only he and his inside men had the knowledge of the supply carried by a 20-T Railcrawler conveyex transport in the mountains of Vandor. However, Val's fears were soon proven correct when Enfys Nest arrived with her Cloud-Riders, attempting to thwart an attempt by Beckett's gang to steal a large quantity of coaxium from the conveyex, wanting to take the coaxium for themselves. As Beckett and his gang detached the train car carrying the hyperfuel, Nest and the Cloud-Riders, flying swoops, attached tow cables to the car and attempted to wrest the fuel from Beckett's stolen Y-45 armored transport hauler, flown by Rio Durant and Han Solo. In the ensuing struggle, the coaxium cargo fell into a mountainous ravine, resulting in a huge explosion.[1]

Showdown on SavareenEdit

Enfys Nest and company

Enfys Nest and the Cloud-Riders on Savareen

Beckett and his gang regrouped and managed to steal a second load of coaxium, this time in unrefined form, from the mines of Kessel. The unrefined hyperfuel was highly unstable and needed to quickly be processed at a facility on the planet Savareen. After the fuel was processed, Beckett and his crew planned to deliver it to Dryden Vos, but were once again ambushed by Enfys Nest and the Cloud-Riders, who had been tracking them since Vandor. One of Beckett's crew members, Han Solo, attempted to bluff that the Millennium Falcon was poised to dispatch the Cloud-Riders, only for its owner, Lando Calrissian, to flee the planet.[1]

After a confrontation, Nest revealed that the Cloud-Riders were not "marauders" as Beckett had believed, but freedom fighters trying to stop crime syndicates and the Empire from gaining more power. Solo was sympathetic to her cause, and hatched a plan to double-cross Crimson Dawn for the coaxium. The Cloud-Riders would then temporarily go into hiding and villagers would pose as the Cloud-Riders in order to lure away the Crimson Dawn's Hylobon Enforcers so Vos would be alone and easy to kill.[1]

Solo's plan worked and the Hylobon Enforcers disarmed the "Cloud-Riders", securing the coaxium vault. Before they could take the coaxium back to Vos, Nest and the real Cloud-Riders appeared in the encampment, ambushing and quickly defeating all of the guards. After the deaths of both Vos and Beckett, Solo handed the coaxium over to Nest, who stated that such a large quantity of the valuable material would help fund a rebellion against the Empire. She gave one of the vials of coaxium, offering Han a chance to join her movement, which he politely refused, leaving Savareen.[1]


Skyblade 330 swoop

Enfys Nest's modified Skyblade-330 swoop bike.

Enfys Nest wore gauntlets made of beskar armor plates that could be fanned out using a built-in servo and act as shields. She wore a battle helmet,[5] previously worn by her mother,[1] which was inscribed with a poetry extract reading "Until we reach the last edge, the last opening, the last star, and can go no higher." Nest rode a Skyblade-330 model swoop bike.[6] Enfys also made use of repulsorlift boosters strapped to her legs in order to increase her jumping ability. One of her most crucial weapons was her electroripper staff, which ran a current of energy through a coil in order to shred metal.

Behind the scenesEdit

"To understand who Enfys is, you first kinda think you gotta understand who Woody Harrelson plays, which is a character named Beckett."
Jon Kasdan, on Enfys Nest[src]

Enfys Nest is a character created for the 2018 Star Wars Anthology film Solo: A Star Wars Story, portrayed by Erin Kellyman.[1] The character was inspired by Maisie Williams's portrayal of Arya Stark in the Games of Thrones TV series.[7] Solo's composer, John Powell, created a unique musical theme for Enfys Nest, one of six new themes written for the film.[8]

The character's name was officially revealed on a Denny's-exclusive Topps trading card.[9] A French trading card from LECLERC specified Nest's gender as female before the film's actual release.[3] However, Star Wars Insider 180 referred to the character as a male, thus calling her he several times.[10] Nest's gender was left a mystery until the film's release where Nest was revealed to be female.[1]


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