A holopet jax.

A holopet was an interactive hologram of an animal, simulating the role of a domesticated pet. A holo-emitter was required to produce the holo, while a holo-pet data cube stored the pet's characteristics. Holo-pets were limited to the rooms that the holo-emitters were placed in.

Varieties of holo-pets included:

Less commonly available holo-pets included an Ewok and a Jawa, as well as miniature versions of a Rancor and AT-AT.

Behind the scenesEdit

Holopets in Star Wars Galaxies let players decorate their houses with small animated holo-animals that move around in the room.

They were first introduced with Chapter 4 in November 2006 as a gift for every player that logged into the game between the release of Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 in February 2007. Each player received a holo-emitter and one random holo-pet. Two more holo-pets, INS-444 and CLE-004, were added in June 2007 as rewards for the house packup event of 2007. Chapter 11 added a Tauntaun holopet and a collection that rewards players with a new holo-emitter. Players of the Beast Master profession also received the ability to turn unhatched creature eggs into holo-beasts.



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