Code Language Name Articles
[on 2017.06.07]
bg Bulgarian (Български) Холопедия 317 yes
cs Czech (Česky) Czech Star Wars Wiki 3,536 yes
da Danish (Dansk) Wookieepedia 664 yes
de German (Deutsch) Jedipedia 39,078 no
de German (Deutsch) Jedipedia 36,468 yes
el Greek (Ελληνικά) Hellenic Star Wars Wiki 456 yes
en English Wookieepedia 139,032 (now) yes
es Spanish (Español) Star Wars Wiki en Español 24,587 yes
fi Finnish (Suomi) Jedipedia 4,625 yes
fi Finnish (Suomi) Jedipedia 6,071 no
fr French (Français) French Star Wars Wiki 9,851 yes
hr Croatian (Hrvatski) Wookieepedija 96 yes
hu Hungarian (Magyar) Kaminopedia 2,799 yes
it Italian (Italiano) SWX Databank 3,989 no
it Italian (Italiano) Javapedia 4,310 yes
ja Japanese (日本語) Wookieepedia 9,067 yes
ko Korean (한국어) Forcepedia 1,302 yes
nl Dutch (Nederlands) Yodapedia 11,169 yes
no Norwegian-Bokmål (‪Norsk (bokmål)‬) Jedipedia 417 yes
pl Polish (Polski) Biblioteka Ossus 15,330 no
pl Polish (Polski) Empirepedia 6,428 yes
pl Polish (Polski) Jedi Wiki 1,334 yes
pt Portuguese (Português) Star Wars Wiki em Português 5,992 yes
ro Romanian (Română) Lukepedia 116 yes
ru Russian (Русский) Вукипедия 17,589 yes
sk Slovak (Slovenčina) Darthpedia 212 yes
sr Serbian (Српски / Srpski) Star Wars Wiki 969 yes
sv Swedish (Svenska) Svenska Star Wars Wikin 434 yes
tr Turkish (Türkçe) Sithpedi 122 yes
uk Ukrainian (Українська) Зоряні Війни Вікі 287 yes
zh-hk Chinese (Cantonese) (‪中文(香港)‬) Sithlordpedia 118 yes

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