This article is about female Alderaanian. You may be looking for Huoba Neva, a female Sullustan.
"Where is Neva? I want her to run the genetic identificator on this head and prove it's a fake."
―Peema Ahuff[src]

Neva was a female Human Alderaanian who lived during the Cold War.and worked as an assistant to Peema Ahuff, the curator of the House Alde Royal Museum. In 3643 BBY she was seduced by the gangster Skavak as part of his scheme and was convinced to fake the genetic test results, identifying the head Skavak brought to Ahuff as belonging to Darth Bandon. After Skavak bartered the head for an Arkanian hyperdrive, he convinced Neva to run away with him, but duped her shortly afterwards.