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Cleanup Edit

Before anyone gets up in arms, I didnt just go around changing things. Much of what I did was add pertinent information that was missing, such as Tott Doneeta also being on Onderon, Shoaneb discovering the Krath connection to Onderon, etc. Also, the article did not flow too well in my opinion. I changed many shes & howevers, and broke up unnecessarily long sentences. I did try to refrain fro chainging too much, as this is a featured article. I did change some things that were held against me for a mere GANs, such as sentences beginning with because, etc. I also added the fact that Shoaneb is clearly absent from the audio. I believe my edit is justified. —Tommy9281(Lússë i Morë Hwesta súya!) 06:28, 15 April 2008 (UTC)