The Umgullian blob was a small, gelatinous creature native to Umgul.

The typical blob was a base color of sickly green. Most, however, were patterned with vivid spots and stripes. There were many subspecies of blob, some bred for racing, some bred as domestic pets and some even for medicinal purposes. All, however, consisted almost solely of a large mass of jelly-like fluid encased in a thin membrane. This membrane was thin enough to let the moisture of Umgul's foggy atmosphere to pass through. This skin also had the ability to break and then reform instantly. This allowed the blob to split into two new blobs. These new blobs would behave exactly like the original blob until, at any point, they were able to re-merge into one. This was also how the blobs reproduced; when a blob grew to the appropriate size, it would divide into two equal, smaller blobs, like giant amoebae.

They participated in their own sport called blob racing. This was considered a major sport on Umgul and the surrounding systems with major betting.



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